What is it that we do?

Our mission is to educate and empower local farmers and international volunteers in order to contribute to sustainable agricultural development.

Our vision is to achieve self-sufficiency, sustainability, and agroecological agricultural systems in Costa Rica and abroad.

La Gran Vista operates on a non-profit basis and includes the following key components:

Ecologically friendly agriculture:

  • Cultivation of organic vegetables for farm consumption
  • Extraction of water for irrigation using natural methods
  • Production of organic fertilizers & compost using worms and microorganisms
  • Production of fungi as organic pesticide for the plants
  • Cultivation of Tilapia (fish) for own use

Special activities:

  • Methods in the protection and conservation of soil and water resources
  • Production of micro-organisms to break down animal and plant wastes
  • Cultivation of medicinal plants for human and agricultural usage
  • In rainy season we sow and plant new trees in order to balance deforestation
  • Production of natural food and skin colorants
  • Cultivation of coffee for own use
  • Beekeeping for homemade honey

Biogas plant:

  • The entire complex was built by volunteers
  • Makes use of all animal droppings ad waste water

What is it that we do
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Contact us:

Phone: (506) 8924 8983 ask for Donald Villalobos.


El Peje de Repunta,
Pérez Zeledón, 
San José, Costa Rica.

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